Sunday, August 21, 2011

It's been a while...

So hello again, it's been a while; I've only written four times this summer, I'm sorry for that. You probably don't care, but I do, it's kind of an apology to myself too. I forget how important it is for me to write because it's one of the few channels I have at getting my truest thoughts out; the other being prayer, and even then I write those most of the time. 

Well, let's see, this summer I've definitely kind of taken an emotional break. The past year has been an emotional ride for sure, and at the beginning of the summer I just felt overtaken by my emotions. It was only thing ever on my mind. My emotions consumed me. Then came Costa Rica, which was probably one of the best, if not the best experience of my life. God broke through me there. Some of the darkness of my past had creeped back in, I was no longer refreshed, no longer really motivated. God changed that in Costa Rica. He peeled my eyes open again to see where I was at now and not where I was at before. 

That's where I'm focusing now, I'm focused on the here and now. It's all I have, it's all we have. We had the past, it's gone. We don't have our futures, because it's not guaranteed. So the here and now. I see it differently now, as to before when I focused on everything that had gone on. This last year has been challenging and trying. Whether it be my own emotions challenging me, whether it be the lost of a loved one, changes amongst my friends, dealing with school problems, jobs, conflicts of my heart, frustration of the lack of progress in my life after months of leaps and bounds of progress. Those are just some of the things that consumed me. I let it go, and let God. Allowing all those things to consume and keep my focus away from God became a form of idol worship. It snuck up on me and took control. I'm glad to say things have turned out better now. I know it's because I'm no longer carrying heavy burdens, heavy concerns, heavy emotions. They all were casted on my God, where they belong. Since then God has really shown me a light at the end of this tunnel of chaos I had going on. I don't think I've sprinted harder to that light. I can say I'm basking in His light now. And I can see He is blessing me for it. I found the flight I was longing for. I just celebrated my 23rd birthday just 3 days ago, and I feel it already going to be a better year. Just yesterday I started a journey of an opportunity that has been placed before me by a man I view in high regards and as another father, and all opened up by God Himself. I started my employment with Chik-fil-a with the purpose of being in their management program to hopefully one day become a franchise operator. It will be stressful, it will be challenging, it will be pushing and demanding, but I will be fearless, I will be faithful, and I will be pressing on in Him. Because in Him I can do all things, with His strength I can achieve things; and all the glory goes not to myself or anyone else but Him. I absolutely love my life right now, but I absolutely adore God for always being faithful, merciful, graceful, and loving towards me. Glory to God and God alone! 

Well I hope this can be encouraging. If you're struggling or lacking direction. Lean on Him and not your own understanding. Trust in Him, just try it and see where He takes you. He won't let you down, promise.

Well with love as always,
- Adam