Saturday, October 26, 2013


Please give me a moment as I reintroduce myself. It's been quite a while, as a matter of fact it has been almost a year and half since the last time I posted here. A lot of things in my life have changed. I am a different person than I was then. I have grown. I have continued to be shaped by God's grace. I have had the desire to want to start writing and posting again, unfortunately I have continued to postpone my posting. I have felt God began to stir my heart to writing again and that is what I shall do.

My name is Adam. I am 25 years young. Engaged to be married to the most amazing woman. I thank God every day of my life for my blessings, my trials, my joys, and my sufferings. I am a believer in Christ Jesus. I am no where near perfect. I have flaws. I have faults and shortcomings. Those things do not define me though. My Lord, defines me. He shapes me. He molds me. He uses me for His purpose. My life is surrendered to His mercy and grace. I have been forever changed by the cross. I invite you to read along as I attempt to share my heart through this blog. My prayer is through this blog, through my transparency, that God would use me to speak to you. I pray that my posting would draw you closer to something greater; to God.

Thank you for allowing me to reintroduce me; I look forward to sharing my heart with whomever may come across this blog.

God bless,

- Adam