Wednesday, September 7, 2011

fight from your knees

Fight from your knees and the giants will fall. Are you kidding me? How is that even possible? Aren't at some sort of disadvantage?The fighting from your knees is, well, it's called prayer; something we all say we'll do but few of us actually do consistently. Oh man, I'll keep you in prayer, and you never do it. Or have you wondered why you're struggling with something or just searching for answers but can't find the right direction anywhere. One simple explanation, you're trying to do it on your own. Newsflash, you won't be able to accomplish it on your own. We can't, we're weak to the flesh. In John 15, Jesus makes the last of what we have learned to call the 7 I am statements. The seventh one He makes it clear to us, He refers to Himself as the True Vine. We are His branches. They are so many different ways to look at this, but the way I see it right now is that we only can do and live through Him. Let's take a tree, if you cut the branch off; it's rendered useless. Very much so, if you cut Christ out of our equation, it's useless. Why can't you stop sinning, why do you always give in, why are you stuck in this plateauing dry season? Check your relationship with Him, and be honest while you're at it. Oh yeah I have a strong relationship but I don't know man I'm struggling. Well how strong is your relationship, how often are you reading our instruction guide or what I refer to as my survival kit, the Bible. That's where you'll find your answers, that's where your relationship, knowledge, and love will grow and strengthen. Read God's word, then pray sincerely. Spend time with your Father, talk to Him, listen to Him. How do you expect to grow and act like Him, when you don't know Him well.You want to conquer? You want to your life flip around? Dedicate your life to prayer and reading His word; not just Christian books, articles, or podcasts as good as they are, they shouldn't take precedence over reading His word and hardcore prayer time. You want to see the giants of your life fall, start praying to God who conquers and empowers; start fighting from your knees. It's ironic to be writing this because it's my biggest weakness, so don't think you're alone. 

love always.