Monday, June 4, 2012


Have you sat around wondering what's going on? Are you not sure what the future holds for you? Guess what, you're not alone in those feelings. I believe those are thoughts that plague most if not all of us. Don't worry I don't come to remind of the troubles but to remind of the encouragement. I look at my own life and I honestly am not sure where God will lead me, as most of you also probably do. This is what I have come to learn through prayer, reading, and advice from others. I have no need to worry and neither do you! I look at my life and I'm not exactly sure what my calling will be, I am not sure what direction God will take me, but I now know that is okay! Just like in all situations, God is sovereign and is, just as always, in control. Discussing this with a friend, I was made aware to stop and look. I might not exactly know where or what but right now God is at work. I look at different situations and see God shaping things in my life. I see as days go by and decisions are made that God's will is unfolding before me. That is my point of encouragement for all who are reading, take notice that God is working. You might not understand what or why but see that there are opportunities before you and those opportunities are presented by God. All you must do is see the opportunities before you, bring them before God in prayer and just trust the way He is guiding. God opens and closes doors, that is how you know where to go or what to do. You have no need to worry about what awaits but take hold of the moment, serve God, and watch Him take you. Our focus can't be on what awaits but rather on what we are doing now with the current opportunities; because those current opportunities are will guide us to what awaits. So I say if you're struggling, stay faithful to God, stay fervent in prayer, and just serve. Keep you're focus on God and what He is doing in you. Just allow God to work in you and before you know it, you'll watch Him work through you.

Take it all.

How can I be so reluctant to just let go? I lay here in bed so humbled, truly blessed beyond words by the Savior of my life. You see the last few months have been a crazy emotional ride for me; I have experienced both highs and lows and it has left me just drained. I decided a few months back to fly out, and come to see my best friend here in Kansas City. I was highly encouraged to take this as an opportunity to disconnect, an opportunity to get myself right and refreshed; sounds like a great plan no? Well it would be, I have been 3 days so far and though I have progressively been letting go and progressively "disconnecting", it has truly been to no success; that is until tonight.

God thank You for opening my eyes. Thank You Jesus for showing me, even you went away in quiet to disconnect from the trials of this world. I refuse to deceive myself anymore, sure I finally cried it out, sure I feel refreshed but mentally I knew where my mind was. Realizing that this just can't be anymore, that for my sanity I need to stop being stubborn. I came before God tonight, saying God take it all and just give me Jesus. I don't need to hold on to my problems or my pain anymore, it isn't my burden to carry! I am meant to come bring it before my Lord and find my rest in Him. That is exactly where I find myself tonight. After gathering my thoughts and through the help of my friend, I realized even Jesus disconnected to spend time with His Father. If Jesus had to disconnect, who the heck am I not to? I find myself humbled, newly strengthened knowing my God has me in His hands. What weighs me, has been removed. I stand realizing all chains have been broken through salvation in Christ. I know my problems aren't going to just go away, but I can rest assured that my resolution won't ever go anywhere. Sure what I bear might not be easy, it might be difficult at times but I will not carry it any further than from before me to before the cross any longer.

God I stand saying take it all, I have trust and I have faith in You. I see that though a storm is amidst me, I stand amidst the center of Your will. Lord, You are sovereign so I need not worry or be anxious. Thank You, I praise You!

I pray that maybe reading this, if there is something holding you down that you would find encouragement from this. Let go and let God. Disconnect from your situations, just give it to God. He wants you to come before Him with whatever you got but make sure to leave it there, before Him, before the cross.

Instead, let the Spirit renew your thoughts and attitudes.Put on your new nature, created to be like God—truly righteous and holy.