Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Greetings again! 
Well alright so, I felt compelled to blog again, except I had originally planned to try and do a more meaningful blog earlier on but I am kind of glad I didn't. The reason I didn't cause I had a friend of mine come over to go pick up the new star wars force unleashed 2 game at our local gamestop at around 11:30. We ended up not even playing tonight. We sort of just started talking about life. Twas a great conversation without a doubt; as a matter of fact we spoke for a few hours about many things. Something big we hit was basically about our faith and the hope we have that comes along with that faith. It's crazy how caught up we can get on the things of life and how easily we can lose our focus on the one thing that matters, Him. We both opened up a bit about the things we are currently struggling with and cant seem to let go of, which was good because luckily there are a few struggles we share. So we kind of talked each other through it and I definitely feel we helped each other out with new perspectives. 

I caught myself laughing at one point of the conversation. I was laughing because I was just in pure disbelief. Disbelief in the fact that I, this complete screw up life mess, somehow can sit and not only help a friend but help a friend with actual biblical principles that I have learned over these past few weeks. All that is, is just a pure testimony of the power of God and what He is capable of doing when you seek and ask Him into your life, and for Him to simply just consume you.

With that just a last quick endnote,just know no matter the circumstance, no matter the trial, the tribulation,or the crisis you're facing, we have a hope that will get us through it. A hope that is beyond any other thing you can find to deal with your daily struggles. And trust me we ALL have our daily struggles, we just can't worry and beat ourselves up over it. Because we have a hope and that hope is Him.

again sorry for a double blog day just felt I needed to share this after such a great night.
now I'm off, see ya later
tune in tomorrow - same bat time same channel ; )

lastly just wanted to share this song
which i am concurrence should be one of my new life songs

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