Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bon Voyage.

I'll make this short, I expect my next post to be lengthy. Well I leave tomorrow morning to Costa Rica on my first mission trip. I can't begin to describe how excited and stoked I am. I honestly don't know what to expect, I am clueless as to what God is going to do through this mission work. I just know I prayed hard, and was chosen for this by His divine plan to go. I know I was selected to go out to a country with people that have a divine appointment with the Living Breathing God of the universe. That is honestly all I have, I know there is a purpose for this trip; what it is exactly I don't know. I'll be going with an open heart and open mind to serve the God of my life. I feel truly called for this trip, my passion is trying to reach lost people that are need to hear the gospel. I desire to live out the Great Commission. I pray God uses us in a mighty way on this trip. I pray that all those involved or come in contact will be rocked by Jesus Christ. I ask that you keep us in prayers as we travel and work for our Father. I ask you pray for those God has a divine appointment for, that they have an open receiving heart and mind willing to see the good news we bring. Just keep us in severe prayer. I love you guys, and I hope to come with news of how God rocked this world more than He already has.

With love as always,

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