Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I must have done something right

I must have done something right? Pssh nope, not in the least bit. I don't deserve a bit of any blessing. None of us do, but yet He blesses us anyways. I'd like to share a quick story that happened to me today. I was exchanging texts with a friend of mine. We were speaking about an upcoming mission trip to Costa Rica that we're going on in June. I simply just asked him if he got my deposit money that I had turned in. That's when God decided to show me His love and faithfulness. My friend responds back with yeah and someone donated 200 for you. I didn't believe it. Wow! I began to cry and thank Him. I'm not sure who or why anybody would donate money to me, yet alone $200. That is such a huge blessing. I wish I could thank and hug whoever that kind soul is. But most of all, I wish I could hug God so tight right now. Thank You so much! It's ironic, because just the night before I was talking with a close friend of mine about the trip. I was just sharing on how bad I need money right now, mainly because of the trip. We've been praying about it for weeks in our small group. I have maintained and will continue to uphold it, that God will provide. I have about $170 in my checking account right now, I'm waiting on a chunk of money that I'm supposed to receive, and I'm still looking for a job. I haven't received income since January. Honestly, we could say I'm strapped for cash, but I've maintained I know God has got me covered. I have continued to say I'm not sure how, but I know it's going to get done and it'll be because of Him. So hearing that news today simply proved how faithful He is. To those that call upon Him, He is there listening, and He will provide what is needed. It's tough sometimes to see that, let alone believe He can be so faithful; but He is beyond our imagination and comprehension. He is Lord, He is all, He is sovereign, He is amazing! I don't deserve His faithful, but yet He pours it on me. Though striving, I am no where near as faithful as He deserves, yet it doesn't stop Him from being faithful to me. Seriously the joy and tears are beyond explanation right now. Thank You, and all the praise and glory to You. Thank you, whoever you are, that out of the kindness of their heart saw a need and decided to meet it. I pray God pours the blessing in return to you, in more than abundant ways. I truly this was not just some random coincidence, but rather a display of my God. You want proof that God is real, alive, and true? Then look no further than the events of my life and what He just did today alone. It's tough to think what did I do to deserve it, and honestly I did nothing but accept Him as Lord of my life. A decision that in reality, He allowed me to make. So all the praise be to Him! Wow!

with love,
- Adam

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