Monday, April 4, 2011


A passion for christ that's being continually set a blaze. It's unbelievable that from the depths of my soul I can find more and more of a love for You. But it all starts from a love that was first given to me. A love that is truly undeserved, but for some reason He made me with a purpose; that reason, is for Him to love me. And in response, I have no response but to love Him back. I know He has no reason to love me, but He does so. It's why I cried for Him almost 8 months ago, literally cried shouting for Him. I found the love I've always longed for, in Him. The love that is purely unconditional, a love that will never depreciate pending on me and my actions; but one, that will just continually increase regardless. It is why I can some how find more and more of a passion for Him. I am bound to break again in tears for You. After months of a somewhat cold streak (in regards of life direction), I feel You grasping my life and placing it exactly where You want, doing exactly what You need me to. I'm getting chills just thinking of the potential that you're instilling me. A potential that would allow me to be used for You, by You, to only glorify You more through it. Dad, I love You. I love You. I LOVE YOU, but it's only because You did the impossible and loved me first. Praise You for that. Thank You for that. Now I only wish to display that love to the world, a world that desperately needs to see the love that You're dying to drown them in, or better yet, You died to drown them in. If you don't know that love, I pray that it be made known in your life and that Christ just consumes you in that love. I encourage those to embrace it, respond to it, and you'll never have a reason to look back again but to thank Him. More and more I pray that You Dad, place no ceiling on the love I can have for You, because Yours came first and has no ceiling. God is love.

With love as always,

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