Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pressing On

I think I'm at a lost for words in a way. I am so pressed, crushed, and hurting, but yet so encouraged, enthusiastic, and ready. I got a lot on my mind, just overall I have a lot going on. I should be taking a step back, a breather to catch myself and analyze, but I'm not going to. Lord, I am charging forward with my faith in You at full steam. I feel like taking off running and getting away from my problems, rather I'm just running towards You. I have no idea what I'm doing honestly, but I don't care. I know You are at the heart and center of what I want and where I'm at right now, and I shall continue going whereever it may lead me. This is not typical of me, I like to figure things out first; but right now, I just need to follow You. It makes no sense to some of my friends and maybe family; why I'm deciding to do some of the things I do. But Dad, You called me to move forward, with or without, and it's time to go. It's time to stop concerning myself on improving myself first, to stop consuming myself in trying to get churched, and it's time to go out and be the church; join and be an active part of the body that is the church. I have a lot of passions and desires, I'm not sure how they're going to get done. But with my Dad as the driving force behind me, I know good and greater things are yet to come. I pray and urge you to join in this body. We have opportunities every day, every where, and all day to serve people, to be a light to people, and to show the love of Christ to a world that needs and is seeking it. I'm not holy, I'm not perfect, and I'm definitely not the most well equipped, but I have a strong growing burning passion for God. And the opportunity to share my Dad's love with others, is an opportunity I will not ignore anymore. Sacrifices are going to be made, I may not be as available or social; I do promise to be detourable, but I'm on a mission. I wish my life to really mean nothing, if I am not testifying to the world about the grace of God. Be it by my words, my actions, my thoughts, I pray to scream Your name to this world. It's not easy, I'm hurting a little bit, I am discouraged, I miss people, but I can't stop and I need to press on towards the call. Carry me Father, breathe more passion and strength in me and every one.

with love,
- Adam

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