Saturday, May 21, 2011

Listening Skills.

15 Fools think their own way is right,
but the wise listen to others.
I just got smacked in the face with reality, thank you God for pointing it out again. He is pretty good at it. Flaws or I guess habits that I know I have, but I can’t seem to shake. Geez, do I need to learn to listen, especially to those that care and are taking the time to sit and help me. I’m always quick to jump the gun and speak, always quick to be somewhat defensive. I need to learn so bad how to stay humble and shut up. It’s so hard because not something I knowingly do, but I tend to catch myself in the process; which consequently is too late already. Ahh, it’s frustrating. I don’t know if it’s a pride issue or a stubborn thing, but I know it’s definitely a problem nevertheless. God, I need You so bad. This is not something I can shake on my own. This is where if I was just that much more Christ-like I could shake. Unfortunately, it’s such a lifelong process. I can only pray this isn’t a lifelong issue. I know and can see how it affects those speaking to me. It’s just so rude and inconsiderate. Lord, break me, break this habit of my own. Dad, just rid me of myself so when I talk it’s You, and when I listen it’s You. Just help me continue to grow to be more Christ-like. Help me be slow to speak. Give me the discipline to read more, the dependency to speak with You more, and the brokenness to just desire and love You more. For I know, this is how to become more like You Jesus.
To those I’ve unfortunately done this to, I’m truly sorry. Shamelessly tell me to be quiet, call me out to listen first. Hopefully in time, I can grow to be a true listener; to not be such a fool, but to be wise in His eyes.
With love,
- Adam

So again want smack in the face, yeah He does it. Sure enough I wrote the above earlier tonight while working at a basketball tournament. I was bored, waiting for the night to finish, so I decided to take the opportunity as a chance to read the Word. So I picked up in Proverbs, and sure enough I read the above verse mention, Proverbs 12:15. I immediately felt the conviction like I said, but God wasn't done talking to me and teaching me tonight. I arrived tonight at my meeting for the Costa Rica trip, and yeah there it is again being reemphasized. It wasn't really the purpose of tonight's session, but a friend made such a valuable point about listening. So vital to take the time to truly just listen; like the verse I mentioned says it's wise to listen to others. Sure enough I'm a fool, unfortunately. Later on tonight, I got chance to truly put in play and practice what I was being taught and shown by Him. So humbling to experience the Lord, just talk to me and then use me for His purpose. It's crazy how "coincidental" things tend to happen sometimes. How every thing just seems to go together, like a true process. You call coincidence, I'll call it His perfect plan. It's amazing what your eyes can be opened to when you take the time to just listen. 

Thank You Father for Your never ending patience with me. I ask You continue Your work in me and through me. Teach me, rebuke me, improve Dad. I love You, I need You. Amen.

so again with love,
- Adam

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