Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reveries of Flight

Reveries of Flight by Oh, Sleeper

 A sound ahead from distant peaks,

a song that all my brothers sing.
It's just out of reach,
to join i would need the wings the heaven denied me.
Its like your deaf to my voice,
but i've been here for every moment, 
waiting on your call to move.
If you could just make a choice,
I know you would find me wanting only to be close to you.
"You keep denying my lead!
Because i've tried, i've never pulled back my reach, 
and i've stayed and i've died, but you keep looking for me 
where I'm not. I wont be just where you want me to be. 
You've got to believe and just trust that I can be everything"Its like your deaf to my voice
"but i'm not!"but i've been here for every moment 
"and i've fought"waiting on your call to move
"just call to move"if you could just make a choice
"oh i have"i know you would find me wanting 
"I just want..."only to be close to you
"all of you."

If you would just try and let (me) pry all your grips on worries,
I would come alive in your life and let you find the flight you're longing.

I listen to this song and I think of you. My heart longs for you, it's different I promise. It's not cause I'm better or greater. It's not cause I look down on you. It is simply because I love you. It breaks my heart to think as it stands, this life is all we'll have together because we stand far apart eternally speaking. As far as we stand, you're not that far. You're one decision away from standing where I and many others are at. I know where you're at, I was there. It might seem like we were on opposite spectres, but I promise I was there. Where I stood was so close to where you're at. I wish I could I reveal what was revealed to me that night. I'm sorry your heart as grown so cold to Him. I'm sorry that every example you've encountered of what I stand for, has been poorly displayed. I'm sorry people don't talk out of love, and tried to force things down you're throat. I'm sorry for hypocrisy displayed time in and time out. I'm sorry that life hasn't lined up according to plan for you. I'm sorry for your heartaches and heartbreaks. I'm sorry. I am sobbing for you right now. I pray daily for you. I know you think it's pointless. I know you appreciate it, but don't see the point. I know you care not to even hear about my God. But most of all I want you to know, you're not alone. We were all there at one point, some deeper than others. I know for a fact I experienced a lot of where you're at. I know it makes no sense. I know you think you had your encounter with God and that was enough for you to say, forget that. I know everything I stand for seems stupid. It seems like I'm missing out on this world's "love". My friend with every ounce of love in my bones, I tell you, you're missing out. I know the god you know, it's not the God I've encountered. I was skeptical all my life until I decided to take a real chance on God. That is what I'm praying for, that you give it a chance. I pray you would be willing to experience the real God, and everything He is about. I know you think you know about Him, but you have the wrong idea or perception. My Dad is different than what you think. I want you to know, I love you; more importantly He loves you. He wants you to know Him. He constantly is calling for you. He's been there all along never pulling back His reach. He knows this life is tough, and at times it makes no sense. But it's not impossible, with Him. If you'd give Him the time of day, I know you'd see it. If then you could still care less, then okay. But I pray you'd let go the idea of what you think or who you think God is, and just give a chance for the real God to reveal himself to you. I love you, no matter what. I am no greater than you. I just want you to have what I have. I want to see you let go of the facade and be truly happy. Be as real as you say you are. I was there; I longed for it, never knowing or having the answer. Then I realized it was with me all along. This statement is the last thing I'll say and I want you to know I can't possibly put in to words how true it is; and that is the last line from the song. 

If you would just try and let Me pry all your grips on worries, I would come alive in your life and let you find the flight you're longing.

I hope you read this one day, I pray you give it a shot. Regardless, I love you always.
 - Adam

P.S. Quick Challenge:

*We all have people we care about that need to hear, and we can't be afraid to share our thoughts with them. No matter how many times they reject it, be faithful. Just think what if nobody had ever shared with you; where would you be?*

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