Monday, May 2, 2011

Mood Rings

Sometimes I think I care too much. It's a weakness of mine, I think. I am way too loving and I feel so much for the people that I care about. It's to the point when they hurt, I hurt. It kills me, I wish I could take every burden off my friends' shoulders; just so I can see them be happy and smile. It's why I like talking through things, communicating with the ones I care for; in hopes maybe getting it off their chest and gaining a new perspective will help. It sucks though when I have no idea what's going on, when I'm as clueless as a kindergarten learning physics. It eats me alive. It stinks right now because I feel alone. I know some of my friends are going through a lot but I don't know how to help. It's not just one but a good few of em, and I can't do anything when they're just not communicating with me. It sucks right now because I feel like I've lost some of my closest friends by their own distancing. It stinks because I'm helpless. It's out of my character to do anything different besides continuing to be faithful, loyal, and true to them. I've been told stop caring, but that's not me. My friends, I love you guys. I adore you guys so dearly. I pray God is with you through your trials. I pray His light shines through the darkness. I pray that while in the midst of a battle, you find hope in the victory that is in Christ and through Christ. I wish I could believe it when you guys tell me that is every thing is okay, when I know it is all in shambles. I wish I could help you; I wish I could hug it out, and make the troubles go away. If it were just that simple, but it is. As much I feel helpless, I'm not. As alone as I feel, I'm not. I may be left in the dark, but I have a light. I might not know or understand what you're going through, but I know someone who does. And I'm doing the only thing one can do, and that's pray. I pray that Christ, who is beyond it all, makes Himself revealed. I pray that the answers you need, be found in Him alone. I pray for peace, comfort, grace, love, and restoration amongst you in your troubles. I might not be sure what is going on in your lives, I might not be sure why you're struggling, or why you guys have secluded yourselves; but I pray that the One who has all answers, dwells amongst you and helps you guys. It stinks not being able to help the ones I care for, but I can rest knowing God is at work.

with love, 
- Adam

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