Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I'm broken. I'm heartbroken. I'm literally hanging by a thread. I broke a little yesterday. I'm still breaking today. And will probably break more tomorrow. Somehow though I am not alright, but I am okay. Words of encouragement continue to surface from all sorts of different directions. Whether it be messages at church, passages of scriptures found in reading, encouragement and advice from friends, simply just a friend's hug, or a license plate of a random car in front of me. It's crazy. I really am in shambles and my love for God is the only thing holding me together. But lucky me, my God has a mighty firm grip. I just want to share a quick statement with you guys. It is something I heard at church and that is that we need to stop focusing on the circumstance and keep our eyes on the one who will get us through the circumstance. This was shared by Pastor Pedro at church last week, and it truly spoke to me. It is so true though, we all look at what has happened and what we're going through and start thinking to ourselves instead of speaking to God. Why don't we? I mean He is in control. So screw what we're going through and let's keep our focus on Him. He obviously knows what's going on and is allowing the unfortunate things to occur for a reason. So why not seek Him, and keep our focus on Him, and see what it is He is trying to show us. I have had a few friends encourage me that God is building character in me through this. He is developing me into the man He wants me to become. With that I started thinking, I might be like gold in the fire needing to go into the fire process to be purified. I started thinking also, I did pray that God would truly humble me and break me. So praise to Him. I am falling in love with Him more and more. I realize how much in control He is more and more.  I am hurting but I am thankful.

with love always,

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