Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Where Do I Go From Here.

Hey guys well it's been a while I know,but I just haven't really felt inspired to write very much, at least not to post publicly. So I'll suck it up a bit, and try to open up. I'm struggling yet not with where do I go from here. What am I doing with my life, what am I going to do with my life, and most importantly and truthfully the only one that matters is where does God want me to go and want me to do with my life. I've had a few enlightening and encouraging conversations with a few friends of mine. I really do have a peace inside that right now God is in control of my life and is guiding my life. Just the human side me wants answers. But I'm focusing right now on what I need to do, which is growing. I'm praying harder so they can become more frequent and sincere. I'm trying to read more often, in hopes that I'll read out of desire and hunger, and not just for the sake of reading. It's tough, because I can taste glimpses of my future but I know I'm not there yet and I have work to do. I know this is something we all struggle with. Whether you're Christian or whatever faith you choose to have. We all have that struggle of what are we going to do with our lives. I get through it knowing I have a God with a plan for me. That everything that is happening is for a reason and is in perfect timing. So I just pray that God continues to have a grasp of my life, and that I give myself up daily so that my life remains in His hands. Whether I know of His future plans or not, I do know one thing. I still have the great commission, to live my life for Him and show His light to others by showing His love that is in me. I'm sorry this might not be so insightful, powerful, moving, or anything at all but it's what's on my mind. And for now that is all I got, hopefully I can help someone, somehow.

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