Saturday, December 18, 2010

When You're Around

When You're around, nothing is the same with me. When You're near me,  nothing matters anymore. Everything is so meaningless. There is nothing that is greater or anything that leaves me more awestruck than You. So help me, only see You. I only want to see You. I concern myself not with the nonsense of this world anymore. I'm not on a high horse, I'm not on some holy pedestal; I'm just so solely focused on You. I still fail over and over again,  I'm still filthy, but You don't seem to think the same. In Your eyes, I'm  guiltless. In Your eyes, I'm now washed clean. No stain of sin can mark me anymore. I have been washed in Your mercy and grace. Nothing could ever be more gratifying knowing that You love me, and to You I matter to the point You died for me. So knowing that, what else matters. No fight, no worry, no stress, no pressure from anything of this world should ever allow me to not continuing realizing how amazing You are. But this realization only remains when I'm neck deep in You. When I'm constantly talking to You, when I'm constantly reading and learning more about You. When I'm living a life praising Your name. So drown me in You, I beg You. I don't want it any other way. I want nothing else but You. You may chose to bless me, but I want nothing but to take those blessings and give them back to You for Your kingdom. I can't be heartbroken when I know I have a God that loves me so dearly. I have a God that will never leave me nor forsake me. I can forget these things, when I consume myself with myself. So help me always just keep You around because I don't want to experience another moment without You on Your path.

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