Saturday, November 13, 2010

Down in Flames

Gosh, you're a retard! Now that is the mentality most of us have when we see someone, one of our fellow companions especially, screw up. To be honest why? Why can't we simply just encourage and help each other. Why must we (yes we including me) put each other down instead of uplift one another. 

Christians-- we're all afraid of fire.
We prefer to suck on pacifiers.
Baby pacifists, we're throwing fits.
We don't shake hands, we shake our fists.

We're cannibals. 
We watch our brothers fall.
We eat our own, the bones and all.

Finally fell asleep on the plane
to wake to see we're going down in flames.

We're going down, down, down in flames. 
We're gonna drown, drown, drown insane.

We see the problem and the risk,
but nothing's solved.
We just say, "Tisk, tisk, tisk," 
and, "Shame, shame, shame."

Finally fell asleep on the plane
to wake to see we're going down in flames.

Let's go!

Christians-- we mourn, the thorn is stuck
in the side of the body watch it self-destruct.
The enemy is much ignored
when we fight this Christian civil war.

That's an excerpt from the song "Down in Flames" by Relient K

And how true it is! We'd rather suck on our little pacifiers and whine about things instead of just getting down and dirty, and go down into the flames. Whether it be believers or nonbelievers, our attitudes seem to not change. Show the love of Christ? Nah, forget that! It's so much easier to point the finger and tell each how much that person sucks. That is such a shame. How much better could we be and how much more could we glorify Him, if we just did what the Bible asks us to do, and that is just show the love of Christ. To be a Christian is to be Christ-like, if we aren't showing His love in our words, thoughts, and actions then we aren't being very Christ-like at all.

The last verse really stands out to me. We sit and whine about things, and the enemy is ignored while we fight amongst each other. How easy we make Satan's job when we are just sitting bickering and putting down one another. This Christian civil war is real. How many times to do you see churches or people from different churches argue about irrelevant details, when at the heart of it we all have the same foundation that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and is our Lord and Savior that mercifully died for our sins so we wouldn't have to. That's is the only principle that matters. Who cares if we don't go about things such as style of teaching and worship, or how and what we wear. We need to show the love of Christ amongst each other. How is a nonbeliever going to see the love of Christ if they see how we treat each other.

So I challenge that we get our acts straighten out, lets start showing the love of Christ to one another, so we can go into the flames and plunder instead of watching us go down in flames.

Side note:
This is something else I came across weeks ago and I have spoken about with some other friends over the span till now and this week a friend of mine sent me it via text. So I think God is trying to speak to me. In case you didn't God uses this recurring theme to get His message or point across and that is by repeating things emphatically for you to get a grasp of the importance of it. And what God has been putting on my heart is Ephesians 5. So I urge you guys to read it.

Ephesians 5...READ IT!

again with love.

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