Monday, November 29, 2010

The Rest is Up to You

Why concern myself with things that are out of my control, why bother thinking what if I did this, or that. Why not just put my 100% faith in Him and see where it goes from there. I am a new Christian, and one of the quickest things I've learned is that everything is up to Him. Not that we don't play a part in things, we actually a major role. But everything is up to Him. I live or am striving to live according to His plan. Do I know that plan? Not at all, but I've decided I am not going to live a life partially for Him and the other part for what I want to do. No sir, when I dedicated my life to Christ that means I dedicated my life to Him. I didn't say okay God, I accept You and here I dedicate 65% of my life towards what you want, but I still want to do this with my life, I still want to get this job, and these things. No I prayed and said, God my life is Yours. That means I said I would give Him my entire life, solely dedicated to Him and the plan He has for me. I pray that His will not mine, be done. And it isn't until we put our 100% faith in Him like we said we would, that He will let us in on His plans for our futures. He requires our undivided attention. We can't accomplish things on two agendas with two plans for our lives, it can't work that way. So let's put our faith in Him. Like I said we play a major role in things, we have to decide whether we are truly going to live for Him, or settle on what this world has to offer for us while we sit back with Him on the sidelines. You want His plan for your life, give Him your 100% whole-hearted faith, no attachments or clauses, be willing to seek Him, and the rest is up to You.

love always,

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