Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sadie Hawkins Dance

Today will be just a quick share of the day I've had. So today was a very good and happy day. Two of my best closest friends got married this morning. It was promising to see two young people truly in love with one another to make such a commitment. It made me proud and grateful to be able to be allowed to share such a day with them. They truly are two of the best I know, and I'm super happy for them. So I take this time to congratulate them and wish them well. That they may be blessed with many healthy happy years together. That their marriage may stand as a true testament that marriage and true love can happen especially in the times we live in, that the definition and purpose of marriage has been skewed and abused. May they always be strong, patient, loving, and close to Him through their marriage. To my friends, I love you guys and wish you well on this new journey =)!

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