Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hey guys I'm going to share another poem here. A quick little preamble, I had issues and I kept things to myself. We all have issues, this I know but we can't just bottle it up (or we'll soon blow up...thanks rk ;-) ). Regardless, in the past as you'll read was definitely a mental thing. I truly believe I am my own worst enemy. My mind can be so...ahhh frustrating I guess lol. This was one of the first things I wrote after I accepted Christ. Well sigh, here ya go.

A Past Struggle:
You don't understand the issues I deal with at night
The daily thoughts and insecurities that I fight
They haunt, they tear, they shred, they curse
They affect so deeply, pulls my life in reverse
It tortures, leaving me tormented, a crumbled ball of distress
The suffering, it kills, am I really on the pursuit of happiness
More like I'm on the road of destruction
Looking for any form of stress reduction
You don't know anything about these night terrors
Feels like my life is a constant flow of life errors
How am I supposed to face this man in the mirror clear
He screams so loudly insider dying of pain so severe
Am I ever going to come around to see the truth
Am I as good as they say, I see no proof
I deceive everyone, my peers, my audience
They don't know my achilles heel is a lack of confidence
I'm married to it, my problems are my wife
Deal with it everyday, my daily strife
The bottle was my answer, or so I thought
Nearly 2 years with this concept I fought
That was my life, just a peak inside my head
This was all until I welcomed Jesus, my daily bread.

And how good that bread is! amen amen amen! I just thank God so much for what He has done and is doing in my life and those around me. He is an awesome God!

thanks for letting me share again
love you guys
- adam

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  1. WOW!!! You continue to blow me away!! I love this poem I can definitely relate to it! I love you Adam! I'm sooo glad that God has swept you off your feet :)