Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Give Until There's Nothing Left

That's what on my heart right now. Surrender, I need to surrender it all to You. I want to be a living sacrifice for You. I want everything I do to be done in love, love for You. All my actions, my thoughts, my words, every aspect of my life, I surrender. As far as I've come in the last 2 months, I still have things I need to surrender to Him. I'm not alone I know, but I need to surrender. There's things in my life that I say "Oh, I put in Your hands Father, thy direction and will be shown and done". But despite my words, He knows my heart. He knows in my heart I'm saying it to just say it. That I pray sometimes just to pray because I know I need to. But He won't answer until I surrender everything. I can't hold on to Him and try and brings things with me. No, He wants me as naked as can be, everything exposed, fully surrendered. And that's where I'm at right now, in a need to surrender everything. Not caring about anything anymore, desiring to give everything I have until there's nothing left.

much love.

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  1. wow Adam! Wow! How true this is and how beautifully you wrote it <3