Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life After Death and Taxes

So today I think I hit the spectrum of emotions. I woke up joyful, just so happy to have another day of life and have this lovely cold weather outside. I have so many reasons to be happy with my life. I started back at the gym and I was heading there this morning, so that might have been reason numero dos to be happy. Had a nice, hard workout. I enjoyed a great morning after with a close friend of mine. It was a great time of fellowship with a friend I care about dearly. It's great to have a friend that you feel comfortable enough around to just spend time with and just open up about each other's lives. It was great. 

Something was brought to my attention while hanging out, and it did leave me quite humbled. I was told that I am making an impact on people. That left me truly humbled, that God would actually and is actually using me. That might be the greatest feeling I have ever had other than the night I accepted Christ into my life. The fact that the God of the universe would use me, this failure at life young man, as a tool for His glory. That is mind-blowing if you ask me. I know I  have been trying hard to be a light, but to be told I am actually having success at it. That just made oh so more grateful for Him, because without Him I'd be nothing. After I spent some more time alone at the park, relaxing and resting. I eventually made my way to Florida Christian for basketball practice. I had a great practice with my team. Probably the most intense practice I have ever coached. I was so proud of my guys. I truly look forward to this upcoming season with them. Then tonight I went and checked Lovesong with Pastor Chuck Smith. They were good! Definitely great to see how God has used all of them over the years and still going strong for Him.

Now for the purpose of my post. Today I received some very sad news while at varsity practice. During practice we got notice that one of our player's father had passed out in a tragic motorcycle accident. This was heart breaking to see and experience. To see my player's face sobbing and in shambles after hearing such news. This put me in deep thought. I won't be going to much into what was going through my mind. But the main thing was just a further realization on how fragile the life we live is. We can be here today and gone tomorrow, just like that.

The question that we all arrive at, is what else is there? We have this life, and its given to us and it can be taken away from us quickly. But where do we go from here? Ladies and gentlemen, that is the million dollar question. None of us know for sure. The only things we are guaranteed are death and taxes (cliche I know), but it's the truth. Here is one thing I know because of my faith, we are going to spend eternity somewhere. Either it be heaven or hell. It's up to us to choose where we want to go. Tonight Pastor Chuck Smith said something during his invitation that stuck to me. He basically said you wouldn't go out and sell your soul to the devil. There is no price tag on your soul. So why do we go out and just give him our souls at no cost. Why not instead give it to the God of the universe that gave us His Son, to come and die for our sins. It's an easy decision folks, it's either give your life to Christ or sorry to say this, but you're giving your soul to the devil at no cost. And let me tell you that's exactly what the devils wants. That's about all I got for tonight, just know choose carefully because there is life after death and taxes ;-).

as always with love,

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