Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Love with the 80's

And no I'm not wearing a pink tux to the prom.

Ok so on lighter note as opposed to my last post, I'd like to begin to share some of my poetry. This one is entitled "Kindred"


What motivates me and pulls me through day by day
Is how I'm truly blessed in every single way
Many search and will  never find
What I got is definitely one of a kind
Some would do anything to just have one
And I got many that love me a ton
You guys are like family and of that I'm proud
You guys clear my skies no matter the cloud
I'm supported in everything that I do
And that's just reason one of many why I love you
We share a bond that'll last forever
That'll get us through the good times and every endeavor
You don't pick family but we chose each other
And other people see how much we love one another
Definitely a tight group, truly close knit
I haven't always had this, which is why I'm fortunate

This is written for each and every one of my friends. Other than God, you guys are my strength. The love you guys always give me is indescribable. I think you guys are the biggest blessing in my life especially right now. I haven't always had the best of friends, but right now I know I have more than that. I have family! <3

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  1. awwwww yay!!!!!!we are all definitely lucky to have one another!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i loveth you and this poem is awesome!!! where's the love button when you need one? :)