Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I need You..

Another day another post, this morning I had a conversation with a former teacher. It was a good, pleasant conversation. One topic we hit was God's grace, and that got me thinking. What is God's grace? When do we need it? To me God's grace is His power to help us to do or get through things we cannot do on our own, despite us not deserving it. He is merciful enough to grant us His grace if we simply just reach out to Him.

Now to the second question, when do we need God's grace? Some might answer, well, we need it all the time; which is definitely true, but what I'm thinking is we need it when things are tough, when things are difficult. We have a God that will never leave us nor forsake us. Which means we should never have to go through things alone. We just need to humble ourselves, understand we need Him and ask for His grace through our tough times. In our humility we open the door to let the grace of God and His enabling power to come in and make us strong.

Now by no means am I saying we should only come to God during our tough times. No! We should be seeking Him at all times; I'm just saying during tough times is when we need His grace the most. Now as independent as some of us think we are, we're not. We are all dependent on Him. We all need Him. "If the Lord would not have been my help, my soul would have settled in silence" - Psalm 94:17 That was King David that said that. When he refers to his soul he is referring to his mind, his inner-self. When your soul is silent that means your cold to everything. You lack inspiration, motivation, peace, and hope. Basically without God's help you have nothing. That right there is exactly why we need God's grace so desperately especially during the trials and tribulations. How do we expect to get through things without Him, for when we are without Him we're gonna lack all those things. In hindsight now I see why my brother was able to be such a rock for my mom when she was sick, meanwhile I was rotting away inside. He was with God and I was not. It is a hard concept to grab because we can't ever possibly see what good can come out of such bad things, but we have stay strong in our faith to Him, ask for His grace, and know that nothing is by accident, everything happens for a reason.


  1. Wow! I'm blown away by this post!!!!!

  2. I am living proof. During the darkest or lowest times in my life, I remember Alan telling me remember there is only one set of footprints in the sand. He carries you through those time and bring you to a resting place. All this He does because of our faith and His love for us.

  3. great post. For me, God's grace has proven to be true and active, when I fall the hardest. His grace is sufficient for me, for it is when I am weak that His grace is strongest. How beautiful this life is, not only when we know His grace but when we accept it.

    God Bless YOU.

  4. thanks! and amen to that!

    ps mom you keep commenting under my account lol